Otis’ Vintage Inspired Nursery

What used to be my sewing room is now my son’s nursery.  I am pretty pleased with how it turned out.  I love simple rooms with touches here and there of cool stuff.  Not too cluttered or messy, just enough things to make it cozy and unique.

My go-to sources for my house are Target, Ikea, etsy, and thrift stores.  This room is perfect proof of that!  The rug is from Target.  From Etsy: Irmi lightswitch plate from Lishyloo.Vintage circus themed playing cards from Born at the Wrong Time.I thrifted this vintage mobile, but Sweet Shop Vintage has this exact one for sale right now!We got a dresser and a rocking chair from Brendan’s parents.  Score!  I was going to paint the dresser orange but never got around to it…Story of my life.The mobile hanging in the top picture was the inspiration for everything.  I made that while I was pregnant for Otis, the garland actually hung over his isolette when he was in the NICU.  Then when we moved into this place, I looped it over an embroidery hoop and hung it from the ceiling.  The artwork is by my old pal Chris Miller, with whom I used to work at Fuel Cafe.  The bunting was made by me, and the big red bucket is from Ikea.

One of my most prized thrifted items–my Irmi giraffe!  The curtains behind are made from Alexander Henry’s Teeny Tiny Zoo fabric, one of my favorites.  Fabric was purchased from local fabric seller Drawstring Studio.The red shelf was a cheap-o purchase from Ikea years ago.  They are so great for displaying on the top shelfs (we have a teddy bear from the NICU Otis was in when he was born, a piggy bank, and some too big Converse.) The bottom shelves are good for toys and books that Otis can get into.  I love this room!  I am sad to lose a sewing room, but it’s nice that my son gets his own space.  Someday we’ll have a house with room for both!


About applesaucecrafts

Wife to Brendan, mom to Ingrid and Otis. We live in Milwaukee with our psycho cat Frances. I like to sew, read, watch 30Rock, drink coffee, and eat donuts.
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One Response to Otis’ Vintage Inspired Nursery

  1. Looks great!! I love the dresser as is–no need to paint.

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