Calling It In.

I have a lot on my plate lately.  Two kids hanging on me all day, a messy house, a huge hairy beast of a dog begging to go outside, three blogs, two etsy shops.  Oh yeah, and my poor husband, too!  It is a juggling act I am trying to perfect.  So far, my house loses priority and stays pretty messy, I haven’t sewn anything new in ages for Applesauce Crafts, and I have been missing from my blogs. 

I missed posting Tuesday Treasury, so let me throw in a link here.  It was another Vintage Kiddo Collective treasury challenge, and I really love the pink and black!

This week the tater tots have been awfully snotty, so we’ve been hanging at home.  However, we got out one day to peruse a thrift store and boy, did we hit the jackpot!  I came home with two full bags of vintage kid’s clothes, it was amazing.  Here’s my favorite thing:The great thing is that I found the shorts first on one rack.  I threw them in my cart and forgot about them.  Then I found the sweater on another rack, threw it in my cart and went about my way.  Not until I got home and had washed them and was going through measuring everything did I notice the sweater had little loops on the shoulders.  As if a strap were to go through…Like the straps of, I dunno, a little overall short??  Put together these two items suddenly became amazing 🙂  I wish Otis were small enough for it.

Favorite thing I found this week is thisI love birthday crowns and this one, with the bunting??  Oh man, so cute!  I love the whole shop.  Check it out!  

Hopefully I will be able to keep up next week!  I try.


About applesaucecrafts

Wife to Brendan, mom to Ingrid and Otis. We live in Milwaukee with our psycho cat Frances. I like to sew, read, watch 30Rock, drink coffee, and eat donuts.
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