Color Combos

I have done rainbow, pink girly themed, blue boy themed, Christmas.  My felt garlands are so fun to make, but I was getting a little bit bored with the colors I was using.  I wanted a shake up!  Awhile ago, I got a custom order to do a felt bunting based on the colors in this one.  I loved how the colors went together, they were totally not something I would’ve chosen on my own! 

So, off to Pinterest I went to see what I could find for good color combos!  Here is my board so far.  I had fun last night seeing what caught my eye. 

Anyhoo, this whole thing was because of my felt garlands, right?  I was a cutting machine after the kids went to bed this weekend!  I made this pastel-y one for spring time.

This one is based off this vintage outfit I got for Otis.

And this is a St. Patrick’s day-ish one.  Not sure about the gray, maybe it’s for a rainy St. Patty’s day?

Last night I cut out turquoise, orange, light blue and gray.  LOVE.  So much fun!  Check out the shop, and be sure to let me know if you have any favorite color combos!


About applesaucecrafts

Wife to Brendan, mom to Ingrid and Otis. We live in Milwaukee with our psycho cat Frances. I like to sew, read, watch 30Rock, drink coffee, and eat donuts.
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2 Responses to Color Combos

  1. KJ says:

    oooh, do some stuff in a coral/navy/gold/mint combo!!!

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