Burnhearts/Pabst Block Party

Yesterday I had a show at the small craft fair that was part of the Burnhearts/Pabst block party.  It was a hot HOT day, but so fun!  This is the fifth year they’ve had it, and I haven’t been to it since its first year.  My friend’s boyfriend set it up and I went with a little tiny Ingrid.  Boy how things have changed!  This year they had a big huge fancy stage, and lots of great bands.  There was food and, of course, beer.  And a craft fair!  Which I got to take part in! 

my friend Mirabelle, another friend’s dog Watt, and my booth.

I had to be there at ten to set up and we couldn’t break down until eight pm, so it was a long day.  In the 90s, humid, sticky.  But despite all that I had a lot of fun!  There were tons of people to watch, which if I may be so rude to say, is a favorite past time of mine.  The bad hipster fashion was enough to keep me entertained for hours!  Like I said, it was in the 90s, and yet there were still dudes in black pants, long sleeved shirts, vests, just way too many clothes, all so they could look like a mod dude from the 60s, or a banker from the 40s.  Hipsters, sheesh.

I really like the way my booth turned out.  This was my first outside show, and luckily I had the EZup from my inlaws.  That enabled me to hang some rope and use clothespins to hang some blankets and bibs, which I really liked.  I think I’m going to have to figure out how to incorporate that in my inside set up.  I also stole my kids’ easel and used it for my shop sign.  I had pinned something similar on pinterest awhile ago, I’m pretty pleased with how it turned out!

The best part of the day, by far, was that the “super secret band” was the Promise Ring!  I loved those guys years ago, and they played at Summerfest a few days ago and my husband and I wanted to go but couldn’t.  So…when I found out they’d be there, I called Brendan and he brought the kids over.  How funny to be listening to a band from our 20s while dancing with our kids.  It was great.  After all the musical festivities, though, Otis passed right out.  He was beat from the heat.  Thank god for Ergos.

I did okay, made my money back from the booth fee, at least.  Made a little more, which I used to buy beer during the day, lol!  But it was fun to have another show, and see people I hadn’t seen in years.  And just be part of something again.  It made me remember when I wasn’t a mom, when I did go out, when I saw people on a daily basis.  I don’t want to be back in my twenties for anything, but it was fun to remember them!

I don’t have any other shows planned, but I did just apply for this year’s Art Vs. Craft.  I did last year’s, so hopefully I can do this year’s as well.  It was so fun, and I made so much money!  I could use some money to fund my kitchen remodel I so desperately want to do!!  And until then, I’ll just be busy with the shop and the kidlets.  Which is a good thing, if I might steal from Martha for a sec.


About applesaucecrafts

Wife to Brendan, mom to Ingrid and Otis. We live in Milwaukee with our psycho cat Frances. I like to sew, read, watch 30Rock, drink coffee, and eat donuts.
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One Response to Burnhearts/Pabst Block Party

  1. OliversForest says:

    Your booth looks awesome! Congrats!

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