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What’s been happening over at Team Liddle’s house?  We finally painted the trim in our dining room!  I went to Ikea!  We still haven’t made our paver patio!  This homeownership is hard stuff.  The list of to-dos gets longer and longer and I want to do them less and less. 

I went to a friend’s house the other day and she was like “oh, this is such a work in progress, but we’re getting there.”  I wanted to shoot her, as she had spotless rugs, hung artwork, shelves in every room, toys put away.  My house is a mess at all times, it seems like.  My inlaws gave us a new rug for our dining room, an indoor/outdoor one that I thought would be a cinch to clean.  Alas, blueberries and avocados smooshed in do not come out of anything, I guess.  Toys do not put themselves away.  Dog hair does not stay on the dog, it ends up on every surface of my house.  And I have brackets and shelves lounging up against the wall, not actually hung on the wall.

But we’ll get there.  I think.

New Expedit shelves from Ikea!

In other news, I sadly did not get into Art Vs Craft this year.  I was pretty upset, cried a little on Brendan’s shoulder.  But I was not totally shocked, as they moved venues this year and were letting in 25-30 less vendors.  The silver lining is it kicked me in the ass to get going with this whole business thing!  I sat down and found some more shows to apply to.  I contacted some local places to see if they’d be interested in selling my stuff there.  I had to really think what I wanted to do.  This whole year I’ve had a show on the horizon, something to work toward.  And then suddenly…nothing.  Which is how it used to be, I just slowly made things for the etsy shop and left it at that.  But now I see how fun shows are, I want to do more!  I want to have a reason to get stuff done, not just my sporadic etsy sales.

So, I applied for a show in Madison.  I am going to apply for Hovercraft here in Milwaukee, which I should get into.  It’s the first of December, so lots of holiday shoppers!  I talked to a lady at a high end kid’s store and we’re meeting to discuss a wholesale order.  And there’s a little vintage shop in a cool neighborhood that is also interested in selling bibs.  I’m makin’ it happen!


About applesaucecrafts

Wife to Brendan, mom to Ingrid and Otis. We live in Milwaukee with our psycho cat Frances. I like to sew, read, watch 30Rock, drink coffee, and eat donuts.
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