Burnhearts/Pabst Block Party

Yesterday I had a show at the small craft fair that was part of the Burnhearts/Pabst block party.  It was a hot HOT day, but so fun!  This is the fifth year they’ve had it, and I haven’t been to it since its first year.  My friend’s boyfriend set it up and I went with a little tiny Ingrid.  Boy how things have changed!  This year they had a big huge fancy stage, and lots of great bands.  There was food and, of course, beer.  And a craft fair!  Which I got to take part in! 

my friend Mirabelle, another friend’s dog Watt, and my booth.

I had to be there at ten to set up and we couldn’t break down until eight pm, so it was a long day.  In the 90s, humid, sticky.  But despite all that I had a lot of fun!  There were tons of people to watch, which if I may be so rude to say, is a favorite past time of mine.  The bad hipster fashion was enough to keep me entertained for hours!  Like I said, it was in the 90s, and yet there were still dudes in black pants, long sleeved shirts, vests, just way too many clothes, all so they could look like a mod dude from the 60s, or a banker from the 40s.  Hipsters, sheesh.

I really like the way my booth turned out.  This was my first outside show, and luckily I had the EZup from my inlaws.  That enabled me to hang some rope and use clothespins to hang some blankets and bibs, which I really liked.  I think I’m going to have to figure out how to incorporate that in my inside set up.  I also stole my kids’ easel and used it for my shop sign.  I had pinned something similar on pinterest awhile ago, I’m pretty pleased with how it turned out!

The best part of the day, by far, was that the “super secret band” was the Promise Ring!  I loved those guys years ago, and they played at Summerfest a few days ago and my husband and I wanted to go but couldn’t.  So…when I found out they’d be there, I called Brendan and he brought the kids over.  How funny to be listening to a band from our 20s while dancing with our kids.  It was great.  After all the musical festivities, though, Otis passed right out.  He was beat from the heat.  Thank god for Ergos.

I did okay, made my money back from the booth fee, at least.  Made a little more, which I used to buy beer during the day, lol!  But it was fun to have another show, and see people I hadn’t seen in years.  And just be part of something again.  It made me remember when I wasn’t a mom, when I did go out, when I saw people on a daily basis.  I don’t want to be back in my twenties for anything, but it was fun to remember them!

I don’t have any other shows planned, but I did just apply for this year’s Art Vs. Craft.  I did last year’s, so hopefully I can do this year’s as well.  It was so fun, and I made so much money!  I could use some money to fund my kitchen remodel I so desperately want to do!!  And until then, I’ll just be busy with the shop and the kidlets.  Which is a good thing, if I might steal from Martha for a sec.

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Art at the Gardens

Whew, it’s been awhile.  My family and I moved into our very first home!  No more renting for us!  It has been very crazy, way more hectic than I’d imagined it would be, seeing as we’ve moved so much in the past.  The weekend directly after we moved in, I had a show.  I know, smart, right?  The funny thing is, I was also going to do one the weekend before we moved!  Luckily I backed out of that one so I could focus on packing and trying to finish up items for the other show.

It was Art at the Gardens at the Boerner Botanical Gardens.  It was both outdoors and inside, and I had gotten an inside table.  At first I was bummed because it would be nice to be outside at the botanical gardens, right?  I am so glad I was inside, though, as we had a monsoon that day!!  Seriously, hail and rain and wind and thunder and lightning.  It was insane.

Unfortunately that means there was not a huge turnout.  It was pretty slow and although lots of people browsed, only a handful actually bought anything.  It was still fun, though, as I was there with a friend and we got bloody maries and sat chatting all day.  A day away from kids is a well used day in my book, haha!

After only having done one show before, I was glad to get another one under my belt.  I had fun thinking of cute things to do on the table and ways to make things look presentable.  I found some cheap wooden signs and painted them with chalkboard paint so I could write on them.  I love how they turned out!

I also got some labels and kraft paper strips to package up my washcloths and burpcloths.  I am also pleased with how they turned out. 

At Art Vs. Craft I didn’t even think of bringing a table cloth, which was like the number one thing every single person had!  This time I came prepared, with a white table cloth to cover the whole table, and a vintage Florida souvineer one to give a pop of color.  I had a bunting I’d had hanging in my daughter’s room to hang on the front, and there you go!  A colorful table this time.

A huge thank you to Jack Roepke for taking these pictures for me! 

Next show for me is the PBR Fest at Burnhearts in June.  Pretty excited about that one, it should be fun!


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Handmade Shops

When I lived in Michigan, I sold my stuff at this little place called Blue House Ann Arbor.  I loved it!  A cute old house that the wonderful lady turned into a shop and a place to have classes for crafty things.  I think that is such a good idea, every town needs a place like that!

I was recently contacted by someone that just opened a similar handmade shop in Milwaukee.  It’s called the Waxwing and it’s so awesome!  I have only been there for a few minutes, while I was dropping my goods off there, but even then it struck me how cool the store is. 

There is artwork, jewelry, stuffed animals, my baby stuff, a little bit of something for everyone.  The perfect place to go get a gift or treat yourself.  I am very proud to be one of the artists included in this shop!

I also got a wholesale order from a handmade shop in Lawrence, Kansas, called Made.  They ordered some stuffed bunnies to have on hand for Easter.  I absolutely love how they looked in the pictures she sent me!

I am so glad little handmade stores are around!  Not only do you get to buy one of a kind items, but you’re supporting the community of crafters and artists.  And it is such a community–I feel like there is so much support out there just from other crafters.  I feel like I was invited to a cool party, all these people doing their thing and enjoying and supporting what other people are doing.  It makes me all warm inside.

So go see if there’s a handmade shop in your city!  And if so, go frequent it and buy something from it.  The store owner and the person who made you your item will thank you for it.

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My Vintage Kids

I used to buy stuff that was just old and cool, never even thinking of the word vintage.  I would find things that reminded me of what I used to wear when I was a kid, and I’d scoop them up and save them in a box for the day I’d eventually have kids.  And then I had two little beans and boy, did they look cute in their old clothes!  Here are some of my favorites:

Wee baby Ingrid!

Green and white coat, so cute. Coming soon to the shop!!

Pink pinafore.

Jumpsuit. Loved this one!

Brady Bunch

Gingham from Lishyloo!

Polly Flinders for Fourth of July

Wee baby Otis!

Alpine overalls from Little Reader Vintage

Osh Kosh overalls+Buster Brown stripey shirt=Dennis the Menace.

Awesome dress from Fuzzymama Vintage!

Plaid, pinafore, deer and a bird? Yes, please!

Be sure to check out the Vintage Kiddo Collective on Etsy, there are some amazing shops that feature nothing but the finest vintage for you kids! Search for “vkc” and they’ll pop up!

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Shop Update

Just added some new stuff to Toadstool Vintage this morning.  I am trying to put as much summery/spring stuff as I can, since it has been so nice, but today is freezing, so maybe I shouldn’t be so hasty!  Here’s what I have for you today:

Baseball Romper

Tin Can Friends Sleeper

Easter Bunny One Piece

Nautical Shirt

Giraffe and Hippo Shirt

Ruffly Sweater

Click on pictures to go to item on etsy!  Enjoy!

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Okay, I NEVER remember to post Friday Favorites anymore, and it’s just March.  That new year’s resolution did not work out, surprise!  So here are my favorites this week.  On Sunday.  Deal with it.

Skirts!  It’s been super warm out and I got out my box of skirts, as I am not a shorts person in warm weather.  I found some cute skirts on Etsy:
This one is from local Milwaukeean Little Ocean.  I just had the pleasure of meeting and hanging out with owner/seamstress Janelle.  Her kids are around the same age as mine, so we had a little play date the other day.  I love how Milwaukee is a small town disguised as a city–I found out she lives a block away from my in-laws!  I remember them doing landscaping in the front yard a few years ago, just didn’t know it was her!

This gem is from Mountain Ash Design.  I love love this type of skirt!!  A simple A-line is flattering for everyone, but especially for my donut-lovin’ ass!  I got a similar one for Christmas this year and I adore it. 

Let’s not forget the kiddos!  This is from one of my favorite shops, Red Pajamas.  Cute stuff, guys!

In other news, I went shopping for my kids last week and got a couple fun jonjons for Otis.  And a little dressie for Ingrid, which she wore today to a birthday party.  She looked adorable, even though she had to wear pants with it because it turned suddenly chilly today. 
I got this from Babyshapes.  I love it!

And lastly, let’s take a look at the cutest little baby girl around, miss Tova.  Once upon a time I got a little clown onesie from Hart and Sew.  Otis wore it once for a picture, then I sent it off to Tova’s mom.  She also wore it once for a picture, and now it’s up for grabs again in her mom’s shop, Lishyloo!  Snatch that up, for real, it’s so cute!

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Blog Love

Once upon a time I had a preemie in the NICU.  I was contacted by a lady that was going through the same thing at the same time.  We instantly connected and became friends, even meeting in real life when my husband and I went to DC last fall. 

She just did a post on Applesauce Crafts.  She likes the bibs I sent her Peanut!  I love to see pictures of wee ones using my stuff, so it was nice to see her son enjoying the bibs.

In other news, while it wasn’t the midcentury house of my dreams, we did find a house!  It’s a cute little white colonial and our offer was accepted.  Now we have to deal with home inspections and down payment checks, but we couldn’t be happier.  This will be house #3 for my 15mo. old, and house #5 for my 3.5yo.  Needless to say we have moved a lot in the past few years.  It will be so amazing to be settled!

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